What side dishes come to the liver

1. Potatoes

The best garnish to the liver – is, of course, potatoes in any form: fried, boiled, baked. If you want to make a side dish of something healthy and delicious, cook the potato and celery puree.

2. Cereals

Liver with crumbly buckwheat porridge was a specialty of the Soviet canteens. But as a garnish to the liver can also opt for rice (the ideal solution would be basmati) or wheat porridge. Especially good grains combined with a liver Stroganoff.

3. Green salad

Light vegetable salads, dressed with olive oil, perfectly complement the liver. They are easy to prepare, healthy and not overload the stomach.

4. Braised spinach

Liver and spinach – the perfect combination. Saute spinach in butter, arrange on a plate, then put small pieces of fried liver and sprinkle with parsley – you will get a delicious dish.

5. Pasta

Liver with pasta – a classic of the genre. Best pasta and spaghetti combined with a sauce of liver.

6. Legumes

You can apply the liver with a small amount of pea puree or baked beans. It is important to remember that the dishes of beans is very filling so do not eat them in large portions.