If the family was not involved in planning for the child, and the pregnancy occurred quickly and unexpectedly, then a good guess for the conception day is not always possible. Statistics show that it is possible with great ease to determine the sex of the child by date of conception. But always recommended to know the day when ovulation occurred and the one to the day of ovulation, sexual intercourse. In most cases women know the answers to these very delicate issues and have a huge opportunity and chance to determine the sex of the unborn child.
A calendar that counts the days that are most conducive to conceiving a boy or girl, absolutely can be used to calculate the sex by date of conception.

To determine the sex of the baby, you can use the special Internet resources, in particular with the calculator on any website which it has. The structure of these calculators is very simple. You normally enter the mother's age and month of conception, year, date can also enter this list. Just enter the data and calculate the result.

How to calculate the calendar in order to conceive a boy?

To calculate with precision, when a boy, impossible, because it depends on many different factors. It is known that the sex of a child determines the type of sperm. There are only two, and they are formed in the male sperm in the same amount. Conceiving a boy occur when the egg merges with the sperm that carries the Y chromosome. These sperm are very active, but short-lived. To be born a boy, you need to plan sexual intercourse for one to two days (24-48 hours) prior to the expected date when you will be ovulating. Very soon the Y-chromosome die, which leads to great chances of the birthday girl.

How to calculate the calendar in order to conceive a girl?

If parents want to conceive a girl, then you can start a few days before ovulation. X-chromosome, necessary to conceive a girl as lazy, but quite hardy. They can achieve the ultimate goal for three or five days. For so many days before ovulation is to take place sexual intercourse.

There is a special Chinese table that will help accurately calculate the gender of your child by date of conception, at what age will visit the woman during conception. But those parents who already have a kid, know what is important – not the sex of the baby, and the child and desire to have it.