The form doesn't matter

As a rule, registration shall be on Form No. 3. The document is called a Certificate of registration at the place of stay. However, there are several varieties of this form, because the administrative procedure is not clearly specified criteria about how to look check. It can be issued on a sheet of A4 or A5, it depends on the institution issuing the document.

The most modern options on the registration forms contain a bar code, a check whether the check is genuine. But the equipment to produce such forms, yet equipped with all the passport offices.

The form of temporary registration – this is a common paper which listed information about who was registered and where. So it may look different. The criterion of authenticity Blanca on registration is not its form, but the data that is written on it. Therefore, in order to make sure that the registration is not fake, it is recommended to do it yourself by contacting authorized institutions, for example, in the passport office or the Unified Registration center. The method of registration described in the rules of the FMS, which you can see on the official resource of the organization.

How to authenticate a registration

Sometimes people trust registration intermediaries, as they do not have the time to do it. If your broker acted under power of attorney, and all the rules described in the rules of procedure have been met, the registration will be genuine. There is a simple way to check the accuracy of the information specified on the form. You need to contact the passport office at the place of issuance of the document and ask whether they have listed such registration. If the staff will answer you in the affirmative, then only it can be considered a guarantee of the authenticity check, but not any special form.

It also happens that people buy the form with a fake check as I don't know how you can make genuine. If this is your case, it should be understood that check so bought may not be genuine, even if the form looks the same as another person with obviously genuine registration.

How to make registration in Moscow

To be sure, do you have a genuine check and correct the form, it is best to obtain it yourself. It should be done using the official method. To do this, go to the passport office together with the owner of the dwelling in which you reside and recorded, and personally to register. It will not take much time.

Remember that forgery of public documents and their use – a criminal offence which is punishable under article 327 part 3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.