Plan apartment design is necessary, starting from the needs of the owners. Will live in the apartment for a single person, young couple or a family with children? Are adult family members at home? How often in the apartment guests will be coming and in what quantity? All that you need to consider placing furniture in khruschovka.
If you are happy the sole owner of a one-bedroom apartment, you have almost no problems with the arrangement of furniture in the khruschovka. Select a room that is most remotely located from the front door and equip the bedroom there. Will be a plus, if the room has a niche, from which you can make a wardrobe. This will greatly relieve your bedroom, because you have to put only the chest of drawers and bedside table.
Planning a living room depends on your individual needs. Do you watch TV? Do you have a library? Depends on whether you need a wall with built-in niche for the TV, a bookcase on an entire wall or combined option. Think about how often you will come to visit and how many of them planned? If you will regularly drop in best friend, you can sit in the kitchen, but if noisy company, then make sure that all have enough space. Be sure to put in the living room sofa. If visitors plan a little, fit the tidy little sofa or Ottoman. If you expect the invasion of the noisy companies, prefer the corner sofa. It's big enough and you don't have to buy chairs that will take up too much space in a small living room.
If you dwell in a two-khruschovka with children would be wise to give a smaller room the children, and more room to equip the living room and bedroom. The owners of such apartments will be able to get the sofa bed that night turns into a comfortable bed, and the day it will be possible to receive guests. To save space in the nursery, come to the aid of bunk beds.
If you need to equip yourself quiet and secluded place to work, where I will not be able to penetrate your household, think about how to expand and insulate the balcony. It is necessary to develop and approve the architectural design, but after that you will be able to turn a balcony into a study or workshop where no-one will encroach.