The first thing to evaluate with a critical eye, how old, maybe bulky furniture, dusty junk and other unnecessary you brought with you into this small housing. Should I start a new stage of life, continuing to accumulate the oppressive burden of obsolete things? When a steady hand you will get rid of the pile of unused clothes, old broken toys, stockpiled just in case zelenock and scraps of boards, piles of old magazines, etc., then astonished to find that already does not need the empty trellis and a chest of drawers, huge wall unit and pantry.
Please note a separate bathroom. May you spend time and some money on making alterations and remodeling itself, but arranging the toilet with the bathroom, you can win additional living space. More such space will give the Union a loggia-balcony and a living room together. Swipe up on the balcony light, glaze it, place in floor heating. Hang the mezzanine, shelves, a chair and put pitch flip (as in train) table, it can be a small relaxation room in summer, winter storage preservation, drying rack for washed clothes.
Anyway, with the redesign it is possible to achieve a significant increase in space in your one bedroom apartment. The wall between the great room and kitchen divide it equally or in other proportions. One part of the wall (if it is not a carrier) I don, decorating the arch, and secondly make a window and put it in the aquarium.
Thus, the apartment will visually become much bigger, there will be more air. On the walls hang a large mirror on the wall and a painting with deep perspective, depicting a spacious landscape. If you have two children, put a bunk bed, with lighting and furniture divide the room into gaming and sleeping areas.
As you can see, to build a two-bedroom apartment so it was not crowded, add comfort, air quality and comfort is not so difficult. All the efforts that you have to make, wasted money and time is worth it to one day, circling their homes look, are you satisfied with a smile on his face said, "We have done our best!"