Ideas about what should be re-planned Studio apartment, each has its own. Of course, any changes in the apartment can significantly increase the living space. However, in most cases, such a goal is not assigned. If it makes sense to convert the "odnushku" under a one-bedroom apartment, exclusively for the sake of a new way to organize space, to make housing more functional.
If you have decided to carry out alterations to one-bedroom apartments, one should clearly define its requirements for new housing. These planning changes will allow you to save time and money. Here are some tips for remodeling your apartments.
You should obtain information about the technical condition of the building in which the apartment is located. The fact that future changes should not violate the structural strength of the house.
Then learn the rules and the procedure of redevelopment of apartments. Will be a gamble to start work before obtaining appropriate permits. You don't want to be fined?
Plan enough time to perform the retrofitting of the apartment, given the possibility of unforeseen circumstances. Calculate the amount of funds that will be needed for redevelopment.
Construction work should only entrust to professionals with appropriate license. Independent execution of some works, however, may be beyond the power of yourself. Choose what is more important to you – quality or cost savings.
Make a clear redevelopment project. It is best to seek the assistance of a designer that allows you to choose what suits you in all respects the version of the alterations of the apartment.
One of the possible redevelopment of one-bedroom apartments involves the kitchen in the hallway and the equipment the place the sleeping space.
The expansion of space in the redevelopment of one-bedroom apartments in a two-bedroom is only possible when combining adjacent utility rooms into one, for example, by removing the partitions between the hallway and kitchen. Functional areas in this case, it is possible to outline, through the facilities of the bar. Of course, this is not the only option available.
WC also capable of help you to additional space in the future two-room apartment. The gain can be up to two or more square meters.
Additional tricks can visually enlarge the room. We are talking about combining lighting, choosing colors for the walls, mirror surfaces, etc.
High ceilings Studio apartment often allow you to use this resource space and equip the room on the second level. The second floor can be adapted as the bedroom or office. This applies, however, only apartments with a ceiling height of more than three or four meters.
Redevelopment must be accompanied by a change in the internal design of the apartment. For example, bulky conventional cabinets are sometimes allowed to replace the built-in wardrobes.
Show your creativity, ingenuity and a little patience, and you would find that even a small-size one-bedroom apartment , you can construct a two-room masterpiece.