You will need
  • project redevelopment apartment;
  • - modification of housing according to the approved project;
  • - consultation with architect and designer;
  • - small furniture;
  • - closets;
  • - folding furniture;
  • - built-in appliances;
  • - plasterboard partitions, plastic or glass;
  • finishing materials of light tones or with a suitable geometric pattern.
Make a plan for the future updated apartment. If you allow the material opportunities, contact the project organization with the license and experience of alterations housing in the "hruschob". Cooperation with architects and designers to help you find reasonable solutions, and to assure the project is created in the right instances.
Examine the alterations, which have successfully carried out owners of small apartments. So, the typical "Khrushchev" can be increased through the corridor. The bathroom is expanding, and the entrance to the kitchen is done in the wall of the large room. The pantry (if any), converted into a dressing room there to fit all the clothes that greatly relieves living space. If the apartment has a balcony, it is possible to insulate and use as a study and a bedroom.
Consider the demolition of non-bearing partitions to combine into one large space, entrance hall, living room and kitchen. Need a clear division of functional areas - dining, guest and other. Setting boundaries will help the walls and ceiling (different in some areas), furniture and partitions (screens, Drapes, low gypsum, glass or plastic structures). Over the stove install a powerful hood, as cooking fumes can quickly ruin the finish materials.
It is possible to convert the housing in the "Khrushchev" in the European manner, turning it into a Studio. For this demolition of the "unnecessary" internal walls; kitchen and living room bar counter; using a canopy or screen is made alcove; other areas are delimited sofas, corners, light through the racks. Such a global reconstruction of the apartment needs to be carefully considered – this option is more suitable for one or two people, but not for a large family.
Develop a exclusive plan that will turn the "grandmother's legacy" in a unique and comfortable home. Need a sense of style and ability to correctly use the usable space; note the wishes of each tenant. With the support of a professional architect may be the most courageous decisions. For example, in the former bathroom "Khrushchev," some innovators place the dressing room; bathroom and toilet moved to the kitchen area; in the resulting niche is installed hob and extractor. Dining area is transferred to the insulated balcony.
Think about how you can still expand housing meters. So, under the bed (the sitting area or a work area) good podiums with built-in cupboards – this will allow you to dismantle the mezzanine. In the bedroom of the extended sill is easily converted into a dressing table. The main rule when furniture - low volume and unwanted items. The best solution for small-sized apartment – built in kitchen appliances, corner model of Cabinet and upholstered furniture; sliding doors wardrobes; all kinds of transformers: sofa beds, armchairs, folding table tops.
Stick to the basic rules of interior design that will visually expand tight quarters. If possible, often use mirrors and glass surfaces. Diagonal lines on the walls and ceilings will allow you to "push the boundaries" of rooms; horizontal "lengthen" the wall, and the vertical "lift" them. When choosing the furniture upholstery, curtains and decorative materials give preference to light tones.