Inspection of the dogs ' appearance

First, check the height and weight of tetrapods. Such data are usually given in the catalogs of breeds of dogs.

Pay special attention to the type of animal faces. It can be acute, flattened, normal, sloping, angular, hairy. So, a bulldog muzzle is flat, and a Spitz - pointed.

Identify the type of ears: erect, short, hanging, bent. For example, the German shepherd dog has erect ears, and greyhounds usually fold.

The structure of the body also varies. In some dogs the body short and others elongated. In addition, it is possible to focus and structure of legs. The latter are short, medium length or long. On such grounds you will not confuse the Terrier, Dachshund, Basset hounds, Westphalian pointing dog with other breeds.

There are different color and the hair length in dogs. Long-haired breeds – Spaniel, setter, collie, Komondor, Belgian shepherd, Newfoundland. Gladkosherstnye – bulldogs, Dachshund, dog, Beagle, boxer, pug.

To determine the breed of a dog will allow observation of its behavior. Among quadrupeds there are also individuals of different temperaments: choleric, phlegmatic or melancholic. So, Dobermans, German shepherds, poodles, almost all dwarf dogs are choleric. They are extremely active and mobile.

Well remember commands and obedient dogs, boxers, collies, dachshunds, Labradors and poodles. Melancholic unstable and often representatives of many large breeds - Danes, Saint Bernard, American bulldogs, mastiffs. They can barely get along with other Pets and need special attention.

How to determine breed of dog exactly

There are only about 400 officially registered breeds of dogs, and their number is steadily increasing. Their detailed description and photos can be found in special directories.

But just to answer the question of how to determine dog breed, can only be a DNA test by a qualified veterinarian or an experienced dog handler with the personal examination of the animal.

If the dog was not purebred

Today, many are kept in a private house or apartment, yard dogs, which they found on the street. Such tetrapods in many respects no way inferior to their purebred counterparts, and are often much smarter and more loyal to them.

If your pet was not bred, do not worry. In any case, your relationship with your dog is much more important than what breed it belongs to.

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