You need

To build a sand castle, you will need:
- the sand on the beach;
- a set of equipment and appliances (Pesochnye forms, knives and spatulas, brushes for fine work);
- spades and shovels;
- basins, buckets, containers of different shapes;
are fancy.
- a hat and sunscreen.

To make it more fun, connect to his work with friends and young children. Unforgettable leisure you provided!

How to create a sand castle

First make the outline of the future sand castle to visualize your next masterpiece. Decide what tools and adaptations you will need to create forms conceived of your project.

Click on the beach most suitable site "under construction". Don't forget to make sure that it is far enough away from water to avoid being destroyed by the waves during high tide.

You can dial in a bucket of sand in that part of the reservoir where water is constantly. Such sand is quite wet, sticky and plastic that you need for the construction of the castle. You can do this: in one container to draw water, the other sand. Latest will need from time to time to wet if it becomes dry, and well stirred.

Put wet sand in the center of the area allotted for the erection of the castle. The sand should be brought in small portions, and work fast enough before he has a chance to dry.

Proceed to the construction of towers. Make "pancakes" out of the sand with buckets and shapes, then place them one upon the other. The pyramid should have a conical shape, so as you gain altitude slightly decrease the diameter of the top "pancakes".

To smooth the gap between the parts of the pyramid, carefully watering them with water and podpravlyaya with a brush or spatula. After that, pull on the next tower and build each individually. Try to avoid premature drying of the sand, spilling the tower.

Between the ready towers required to build the wall. Perminate in the palms of the portions of sand, shaking them for a better seal mass. Now create the bricks for the walls. Accurately and quickly make the clutch.

More delicate work begins when you need to cut the cloves and Windows on towers. Armed with this putty knife, small trowel or disposable spoons/forks plastic. Walls and towers can be cut out of the upper terrace, loopholes and doorways. At the end of the work around the castle, dig a deep ditch, making its fortress impregnable.