How to build a boat?

To make the boat, you will need just five boards (plus four to make a workbench). Board on the workbench need to be placed in the bowl, filling the entire bottom and extreme horizontal cell middle horizontal. If possible, it is better to make several boats, because they are easy to accidentally break, for example, raids on aquatic life. To lose a boat in the middle of the open sea is not very nice.

Ease of fabrication allows the use of a boat almost immediately after the start of the game. However, to journey across the water was successful, you need to get food. Especially if you are going to explore the river and the sea. At the initial stage, if you are "lucky" to find next to a spider or spider web, from which to extract threads to create a fishing rod, the best way of getting food is fishing. Besides, it can be enjoyed while swimming in the sea or rivers. In the latest versions of the game to the usual fish added other types. Salmon and clown fish are quite edible, but the poisonous Blowfish. Usually it's used for potions.
Boats can't swim in lava, they are rapidly destroyed.

Be careful while using the boat, if at great speed to fly her in a solid block, your vehicle will fall apart into planks and sticks, and you will be in the water. The boat can break if water dweller tries for her to emerge.

Why you need a pier?

To safely "Park" the boat, you need to build a special port or Marina. There are two types of blocks in the game that do not break the boat in a collision even at a decent speed. It is wool and sand shower. If you can put the dock with these materials, it can crash at any speed without risk of breaking the boat.
By boat you can sail through any door.

The pier can be a small indentation in the coastline. If you plan to Park him only one boat will fit lined with a "safe" space blocks 2x2 block. If you are going to Park an entire fleet, make the Bay more, however, it will require more "safe" materials. You can make a mechanism of pistons and red stone circuits that will close the entrance to this Bay.

Wool is obtained from sheep. It is best to cut them with scissors, but not to kill. It is much more practical, as by shearing with a sheep falls more than one block of wool. Besides, it is possible to grow a multicolored sheep, this allows you to use in the design of pier of different color combinations.

Soul sand can be found only in the Lower world. To get there, you need to make the obsidian portal. Sand shower — not the most common material, so you will have to spend time looking for him. The lower world is aggressive and dangerous environment to find the sheep in the normal world a lot easier.