Advice 1: How to make a castle out of cardboard

You have formed suddenly free evening, and you want to spend time with your children or maybe you like to do something with their hands. Or you just recently bought a TV, and now you have nowhere to put a huge cardboard box. Speaking of advertising language, we will provide you with an original proposal: to make castle from cardboard. Who knows, maybe you or your child wakes up an architect? And you take a swing at the construction from cardboard of a country house. So, let's start.
How to make a castle out of cardboard
Bring the balcony the very same box (make space for other junk) and start to give it the appearance of the house. Cut out the window to where the Princess was to look out in anticipation of the proverbial Prince on a white horse, and at least one door that the Prince was to enter. Now you need to find boxes from small (so you can borrow his brownie), or just the little boxes (if your brownie is not in the mood), from which you build turrets, or what kind of castle.
Call man and strictly ask him for a box of pizza ordered and blatantly eaten during your last trip. Ceasing to blame him for the fact that this box was fetched out of the back of the sofa (she's useful), you can build from it the Foundation for our medieval homes.
Look in the refrigerator, locate the package of eggs, remove her last remaining and cut the container into small pots. As a Princess we're a tiny, it will fit her as a balcony. However, it will not be resent.
Look again behind the couch. There? Of course, round boxes of crisps perfectly play the role of towers. Taken from a grocery cart child a paper Cup from under the foreign soda, cut in half – a great veranda.
If your imagination will jump quickly, you can build inside the castle rooms. Accidentally found artifacts such as empty matchboxes will be in the ladder to the door.
Find on the table your child colored paper and pitch of the roof turrets. Hooray, everything is ready. Can fall in childhood.

Advice 2: How to make a box out of cardboard

Difficult to come up with something more simple and versatile than a box. It is possible to carry objects while moving, keep a lovely heart detail in the cabinets and under the bed, use for decoration of an apartment or as packaging for a gift.
How to make a box out of cardboard
You will need
  • Cardboard, ruler, pencil, scissors/x-ACTO knife, glue
Take a large sheet of cardboard. It needs to be thick enough and not brittle – that is not cracked at the folds. Draw in the center of the rectangle. This will be the bottom of your box.
To the right and left side adjacent to the side of the box. Their height equals the depth of the packaging itself.
To the upper and lower edges of the main rectangle, two adjacent sides of the box – front and back. Their height equal to the height of the side storonok described in the previous paragraph. The sides of each of these parts add a valve for the connection box. If you plan to store lightweight items, it will be enough valves 2 cm wide, otherwise the width is better to maximize. Cut faces of the valves at an angle of 45 degrees.
How to make a box out of cardboard
Bend the cardboard on all drawn lines. Valves lubricate with white glue and fold inward, connect them to the sides of the box.
While this part dries, take cover. Length and its width 2-5 mm greater than the length and width of the box bottom, and the sides can be any. To both sides of the covers also add bumpers for mounting.
Useful advice
Following this pattern, you can make a box from cardboard to almost any shape. The basic geometric shape is repeated as many times as parties in a box, add a bottom and the valves and make the lid a few millimeters larger than the bottom of the box.

Advice 3: How to make artifacts

Creating artifacts, you turn an ordinary item into a magic item. Consider the main condition that the object of your impact was the energy body, with whom you will interact. Any household object has a neutral balance of energy, he is indifferent to the environment, so cannot make magic effects. You have to activate his energy field, to create an information matrix. You can do this in several ways.
How to make artifacts
Impact of time. Put the subject in a magically active place. First, in any region there are infinitely many such places. Second, you don't have to spend on the creation of the artifact, any special efforts or abilities. Only need to arrange transportation of the subject. The negative side of this technique lies in the fact that in order for the subject of charging, you will have to wait quite a long time, at least six months. Even better to withstand the artifact to twenty times longer if you have the guarantee that it does not pack there.
Use the character value. Over the millennia of human existence the characters through the re-use of left his a cliché in the information field of the planet. To apply them on any surface to give an object a new information matrix. For example, you can use Norse runes, symbols of the Celts, the East and the Kabbalah. The advantage of this method of creation of the artifact lies in the relative simplicity. The difficulty is that you should not only know but also understand the meaning of the symbols that are going to portray. Consider the geographic location of some of them. Remember that the rune may look different than the quality that she has.
Guide the ritual, which is the traditional procedure of making magic. Go to question fundamentally, because you are not interested in, to bring rain or to drive out demons. Remember that the complexity of the manipulation, only external, and often just imaginary. You, as the Creator of the artifact will be full-fledged head of the process, define it from the beginning to the end and get exactly the item that you need.
Use a combined technique. All of these methods of transformation of objects into artifacts , you can in their capabilities to combine. So you reduce the disadvantages of some methods and, on the contrary, will strengthen the dignity of others.

Advice 4: How to make a castle out of paper

Options of paper models of castles very much - as much as real buildings, built in different epochs. To learn how to make a copy of any of them, learn the technique of creating the main elements of the castle - walls, towers and donjon.
How to make a castle out of paper
Draw a drawing of the castle that you want to do. Determine what parts it will contain. Label the dimensions of each part. If you find it difficult to come up with the structure of the castle, look for his pictures in encyclopedias or on the Internet.
As the material, take the colored cardboard. Then later you will only have to finish small details.
Start the erection of the wall. It should surround the whole structure. As a built-in tower, you need to make multiple cuts of the same height. On the cardboard the required length and mark the height of the wall, draw a line parallel to the bottom edge of the sheet. Above the same line, check the thickness of the wall and again put the height. Bend the workpiece along the intended lines. The top of the wall crown teeth. Do them separately in the form of cubes, the side of which is equal to the width of the wall. Make a scan of a cube of six equal squares. Add valves to connect the edges together. Glue the cubes and stick them on the wall at the same distance from each other.
Towers of the fortress can be either cylindrical or rectangular. To make the cylinder, cut out the rectangle and glue its sides. In the second case, you will need a scan of the box. A cylindrical tower complete with cone-shaped roofs, the tops of the towers should consist of four connected triangles.
Collect all the elements of the external "layer" of the castle. In the side faces of the towers the holes, insert the parts of the wall and secure with glue.
Inside the ramparts, "build" residential and business premises. Their number and shape depends on the era and place of construction of the castle, which you copy. In the center put a cylindrical or polygonal donjon – the main room. This building must be the highest. It can be linked with lower buildings or make offline.
Ready lock paint. On the ramparts draw the Windows and loopholes. On the castle – Windows and doors of various configurations. If your model is big enough in the Windows you can draw the silhouettes of the inhabitants of the castle.

Advice 5: How to make soda at home

Sparkling water is a favorite delicacy of all generations, but the modern food industry is not always offers quality product. However, do not deny yourself the pleasure to drink a glass of cool soda on a hot summer day - because this drink can be prepared at home.
How to make soda at home

The theoretical side of the issue

The process of production of soda in the home is not so complicated. There are a few prescription compounds, but the main one for each is carbon dioxide CO2, which is not amenable to the process of combustion, has no smell and color, and also much heavier than oxygen and thus quickly dissolves in the liquid, giving the last light acidity. It looked like the process of production of soda in machines of Soviet times: carbon dioxide fed under pressure from the cylinder to the reservoir with sugar water and were completely dissolved in the liquid.

For home carbonation of water you can use special cylinders with carbon dioxide and a siphon, allowing a portion to supply gas into the water (sold in hardware stores).

Is not possible to buy a siphon and gas cylinders? Nothing, to produce carbon dioxide from such improvised household agents like baking soda and vinegar. During mixing of these two ingredients causes a chemical reaction, the effect of which is the release of carbon dioxide. Mix products must be in the following proportions: per litre of water take seven tablespoons of 9% vinegar and baking soda in the amount of two teaspoons. Also you will need the following equipment: meter PVC tube, two plastic bottles (choose dark) and two end caps with pre-punched holes, the diameter of which is slightly less than the diameter of the tube.

The process of carbonation

The first bottle to fill with water, and secondly, sprinkle soda and pour vinegar. It is important to remember that a chemical reaction must be delayed in time, so pre-wrap baking soda in paper towel and pour vinegar on its surface - this way you will have time to firmly lock the cap to the bottle before starting the emission of carbon dioxide and will be able to avoid losing a significant part of its volume. Don't forget to firmly fix the tube in the holes and cover with liquid plastic or adhesive, to avoid leakage of gas.

Paper towel can be replaced by the envelope of cling film or foil. Make holes in its surface to facilitate the course of chemical reactions.

During the process of mixing water and carbon dioxide capacity of soda need to shake for 5 minutes for the highest quality allocation of the maximum possible volume of gas. At the end you get a drink a low degree of glazirovannogo, the taste of which can vary with syrup, fruit or fruit juice.

Advice 6: What can you make out of cardboard boxes for eggs

Masters Australian Studio Goldenhen has found the use of trays of eggs in the construction of houses. Like Lego blocks, they became the Foundation of the house, which later was called "the Original Dream". If home for you is a too ambitious idea, do not rush to throw away the packaging from eggs. A minimal set of tools, a little time and desire to create will be able to turn the unsightly containers in elements of the decor or kids crafts.
What can you make out of cardboard boxes for eggs

Flower fields

For making roses you will need:
- cardboard egg cartons;
- acrylic paint;
- scissors;
- tassels;

Cut the tops of the cells, align them, fold in half and cut out the petals. Received the items with scissors a little fold out from the center. Similarly cut another cone, making the petals a little smaller than the previous one. Connect internal and external detail with glue.

For making nice gradient of color you will need two shades of pink. Use an intense pink in the center of roses, the outer petals of the selected color is dilute with white. If the rose possesses insufficient, add a separate petals, cut from egg tray.

The leaves of the roses are cut the same way. The finished rose can be inserted into a floral wreath or combine floral wire.

If the sight of bright yellow daffodils, your heart starts beating faster, be yellow paint. For each flower you need six petals. Cut them in a way that captures the bottom of the box. As a result, the petals will have a concave shape.

From the cover of the tray and cut out the circle with glue, connect the petals together. From the next cell cut the sidewall and curl it into a tube, glue to center of flower. Acrylic paints yellow paint Narcissus and thread floral wire.

Walls "under a brick"

Paper packaging from the eggs soak in water, let them soak and wring out. The soaking packages take 2-3 days if they are separated into small pieces will take several hours.

The resulting mass grind with a blender. If the pulp contains too much moisture, squeeze it through cheesecloth. Place the workpiece in a convenient bowl for every pound of pulp add 1 tablespoon of gypsum and 70 g of PVA glue. The composition is good knead. However, do not hold to, because the result is supposed to be an imitation of rough, natural stone.

Form for future "bricks" is chosen based on the required size and thickness. The form cover it with cellophane wrap, tamp it mass and shape the surface. After hardening of the mass, gently at the corners of the cellophane, remove the brick. Lay on a sheet of absorbent paper and leave to dry for 24 hours.

Attached paper of the bricks in PVA glue. If the trim is subject to curved surface, use nedosushennye pieces that bend easily. Paint a wall with latex paint and decorated with silver and gold spray.

Advice 7: How to make a country house from a container with their hands

House of container is the ideal option for affordable premises for cottage or housing for long-term construction. For it often does not require a Foundation, but you must perform the insulation works and construction.
How to make a country house from a container with their hands
For a country house fit 20 - or 40-foot metal containers. This capacity will be cheaper if you buy decommissioned equipment. If the house plan to use for several years, it is desirable to establish a Foundation.

What kind of Foundation is needed for the house from container?

For homes from the container the optimal choice would be pier Foundation. It can be built in situ or prefabricated supports. In the first case, use blocks of FBS, the optimum size is the length from 0.9 to 2.4 m, the cross section is 0.4 m. Trade posts build of brick. Support deepened by the depth of soil freezing.

If the soil at the site is dense, malovlazhnyh and sustainable (clay, loam, rocky), the container can be set on the leveled pad. But to compensate for the forces of frost heaving of soil is recommended to make the sand-gravel dumping or stacked tires filled with soil, sand, broken bricks.

How to make a container house?

After the installation of the container on the Foundation are defined by the location of doors and Windows. In the right places draw the line of openings and cut metal with a gas torch. Then establish window and door blocks. Then coated with a metal anticorrosion impregnation or paint.

The next step is the installation and insulation of the floor. As a rule, containers made of plywood, impregnated with antiseptic compositions, laid on a metal base. On the plywood you need to install the joists. For this purpose, take the beam cross-section of 10/10 cm or Board section 10/5 see Lumber attached to the floor with anchors or bolts.

Then carry out the insulation of the floor. Can be used for this bulk material: clay, river sand, sawdust. But the best choice is the foam thickness of 10 cm (the height of the Arab League). All voids formed after stacking insulation material, fill the water - and frost-resistant construction foam.

The walls and ceiling are insulated with foam or mineral wool. At first mount a framework of wooden bars or metal sheets. Vertical posts must be installed with a pitch of 40-45 cm At the intervals between them lay the insulator, then make the lining of the walls and ceiling. For these purposes you can use plasterboard, OSB, plastic panels, molded Board.

Next, build a pitched roof. Start with the device roof system. Over boards farm lay waterproofing material: the roofing material. Then mount roof covering: slate, Onduline, metal, profiled sheets.
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