You will need
  • - paid hosting and a domain name;
  • - the "engine" of the Internet shop - standard or exclusive;
  • - large base of suppliers of the product;
  • - several couriers delivering orders to customers.
Pick a niche for your online store. The specifics of the trade network is that not all the goods in the window the virtual trading point is capable to interest the visitor. Moreover, many types of products, demand for which in normal circumstances is huge, in the Internet to sell unprofitable - this applies, above all, food and clothing. On the contrary, some products (DVDs, software, mobile phones and accessories for them) sold out in the Internet are not less active than in the shops of the city.
Choose a hosting provider, register a domain name and order creation engine for online shop professional. The procedure of reservation of our domain name and buy hosting to learn easy, you only need to find the most suitable offer for you and follow all the instructions of the operator. More complicated is the case with the creation of the internal mechanism of your future store - to write an appropriate program needs a good specialist, who will have enough to pay for professional services.
Narbutaite database of suppliers of products to sell which you intend to - correct in working with suppliers is the success of any e-store. The trick is to execute the clients ' orders without their own warehouse space and inventory, that is taking the goods from the supplier only after receipt at your store the corresponding application. But in this case, the business relationship should be established with a considerable number of distributors, so as, if necessary, instead of one of them will need to hire the services of another, and so many times until the desired product not found.
Develop a system of delivery of goods to customers, which is optimal for you. Usually in major online stores runs a courier service, where staff deliver the goods as intended, however, creation of such service - the result of a long selection of reliable and proven personnel. To gain impeccable couriers in a short time will not work, so try gradually to lead in the ranks of his messengers "selection", leaving and encouraging only the best and most reliable.