Online store is pretty good and profitable business. Its maintenance leaves not a lot of money, and the launch is possible at almost zero investment. The owner of the shop is so free in actions that can run the store, sitting at home in front of a computer or holding a tablet.

Special attention deserves the staff. It may not be at all! You can use the services of courier services that deliver goods "door to door", which in turn can accept payments from buyers. Accounting can be conducted with the help of specialized Internet services, the fee for that year does not exceed 10 000 rubles a year. And warehouse and point of delivery of the goods can be your own house!

And most importantly, so I think this business is just gorgeous, is that it can lead any individual. Legalization can then be engaged when the income exceeds 100 000 rubles, and now just work. Cool!

That is were the positives, but as you know, there is no perfect things in this world. There are also disadvantages that many are deterred or slow the growth of the store and output it into a profit at a very early stage.

To create the store itself – it means to spend at least three days to fill with pictures, descriptions and settings of other parameters. It is also necessary to connect all the necessary payment system through which your customers will give you a payment for your purchases. Still need to promote the store in the search engines, to every interested buyer to find your online store.

For all of the above requires a lot of knowledge and time. Although this disadvantage can be considered a thing obsolete, because any website can now create even a three year old child is enough to find the Internet service that almost for free by means of pressing a couple of links you will create a store that all competitors will be in shock.

So still there are problems with services delivery. Not everyone is ready to work with the Internet shops. There are, of course, specialized courier services, but they work only with legal entities. Individuals have to seek other shipping methods.

Friends, believe me, all those disadvantages, which involves the creation and maintenance of an Internet store, it is not so significant. It all depends on you! As you build your company, so it will work. Most importantly set a clear goal and move to the path of its implementation.

Good Luck To You!