What to give a girl 8-10 years old?

At this age the girls will still be interesting dolls and other toys. Deeply mistaken are those who believe that girls at this age are not interesting to the designers. Fortunately, there are designers, created not only for boys but also for girls. All the well-known Lego model provides a fabulous Palace, beautiful princesses with knights and horses. In General, young owners of such a gift will do, and they probably will be satisfied.

When choosing a present for a child try to follow the wishes of the birthday girl, after all, a girl can ask yourself some accessories, such as fashionable handbag. Do not think that your daughter (niece, goddaughter or just a friend baby) too young for such things. If mom and daughter go to visit or walk the girl will be convenient to put it in my bag wipes, chapstick, handkerchief, phone: (modern children have their own personal phone is already at 7 years of age).

Don't forget that the book is a wonderful gift. Girls like to read fairy tales about princesses, so try to find the bright book of fairy tales with pictures.

What to give the girls 12 years and older?

At the age of twelve in girls, growing needs, so we can safely begin to give the MP3 player, tablet, camera, e-book (perfect for those who love to read).

In 12 years, some girls have a hobby. Try to find out what loves to do birthday girl. If her hobby is beading, you should get a matching set. The same applies to drawing, knitting, embroidery, etc.

Some girls are asked to give them some toilet articles, but mothers are sure that it is still early. However, even this situation there is an exit, because today, many cosmetic companies make cosmetics for children. Buy your girl a colorless lipstick, she will be the salvation when the frost. In addition, you can purchase a toilet water. On a more serious cosmetics, persuaded the girl. Try to explain that at such an early age cosmetics will damage it. Take your baby to the beauty salon, let her make a beautiful children's manicure and hairstyle – it is also sure to be a good gift.

Clothing is a practical gift, but when buying it is necessary to consider the desires of the birthday girl.

Show imagination, learn what the birthday girl likes, and you will see how many gifts you can get for girls.