Time is running fast, the parents themselves sometimes don't notice that one birthday after the other, and now the favorite son or daughter for 4 years. Head on what to give a child 4 years old birthday, begin to break and the parents and numerous guests. So what gift is the best?

Gift for boy

It is no secret that all the boys are crazy about cars. Of course, in the house where there lives the future the man and the defender is full of them, so you can try to surprise the birthday boy set of collectable cars or motorcycles. At this age, as it is impossible by the way will be developing themed games – a track with race cars you can control with a friend or dad, a railroad and all sorts of underground garages, the floors of which are connected to winding tracks. The market today, you can find an interactive rugs, printed on them roads, buildings and pedestrian walkways - this gift 4 year old birthday boy will be very happy.

What do you get for the boy 4 years old birthday? Any Board game – hockey, football, Billiards and so on. You can buy a kids traffic light, which will teach your child the rules of the road. Do not forget about things that were and will be always in the price, regardless of the sex of the child: books, roller skates, sled, bike, helmet, protection and the like.

Gift for girls

What to give a girl 4 years on your birthday? It is believed that the best gift for girls a doll is. This is certainly true, but you can give a special wheelchair for her, a crib, a house, clothing and all kinds of accessories. At this age can be very useful to have the utensils and appliances – microwave oven, vacuum cleaner, cashier checks and money, a washing machine and other household items, developing economic skills girls. Special sets for beauty will appreciate any fashionista and Princess, we are talking about a set of children's cosmetics, all kinds of barrettes, ribbons, hair ornaments, handbags and bracelets.

Kids of both genders will be delighted by the gift of an animal – a kitten, hamster, puppy, or fish, unless, of course, was a preliminary agreement with the parents. The boy and girl to bring in the birthday in the entertainment center or invite animators.

You should think about the possibility of going to the zoo, Park, Museum, cafe, planetarium and so forth. If your child has a craving for medicine, you can give a special kit if painting easel with paints. Clay and various designers will also be relevant as a special children's computer with educational games, alphabet and counting.