Don't be afraid to ask for advice

First of all, you need to understand what sixteen year old girls really want to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, the gift should serve this purpose.

A good gift would be cosmetics, it should be hypoallergenic, a good chosen to match the type and skin tone. To buy the right cosmetics for girls, you can consult with her mom. A gift for my sixteenth birthday, you can give perfume, it should not be heavy and age. Light citrus and floral aromas — ideal for the young girl.

If you are aware of the musical tastes of young ladies, give her a ticket for a favorite band or a good concert. Particularly high your gift will be appreciated, if such a ticket to get quite difficult.

It seems that a large bouquet and box of chocolates are too ordinary gift for a girl of sixteen. But it's such a great chance for Teens to feel grown-up. It is very important to bring this gift right, for example, order a home delivery the birthday girl or ask her parents to quietly put the bouquet next to the bed in the morning. Beautiful card with the greeting in the bouquet would be very appropriate.

Focus on Hobbies and interests

If a girl enjoys cooking, you can give her a colorful recipe book. These books are regularly available, bright illustrations, interesting combination of flavors inspire a lot of people on the "delicious" work.

If finances allow, you can give the girl sixteenth birthday some jewelry. It should not be age — delicate pendant, earrings or a thin bracelet will fit a teenager in contrast to the heavy and massive jewelry. This gift will help the lady to stand out from the crowd, so eager young girls.

A modern phone or tablet camera, beautiful watches are also great gift options. Incidentally, this is the perfect solution for a group gift, as these items are quite expensive.

If you know that the birthday girl has long dreamed of a dog or cat, you can give her a pet, but it is very important to reconcile this decision with the girl's parents that such a gift was not an unpleasant surprise. Allergic reactions, reluctance to take care of this can lead to the fact that a cute animal will be on the street or will be given to someone else.

It is very important to choose a gift for a particular person, girl in sixteen years old can be very different. Someone remains in sixteen mere child, and someone who is quite pragmatic and Mature looks at the world.