Decide on the composition of the group. Well, if you already have a company of like-minded people owning the right musical instruments. For the beginner group this is the ideal option.

If you have no friends, we need musicians will have to find yourself. Place an ad in social networks and message boards. Candidates can find almost immediately. The main criterion of selection – presence of a musical instrument and performance experience. However, you can be guided by personal preference.

The rehearsal space

In almost any city you can find a paid base for rehearsals. They offer equipment and space for rent. In addition, the instruments and sound are already set up. This is probably the most convenient option for the beginner group. The main disadvantage – high cost. In the beginning of the band enough for 1-2 rehearsals a week, but then the growth of their number will have to increase.

If you do not have enough money or you are just not going to use someone else's help, you can find and free options. The easiest is to ask the school or Institute to allocate you a place for rehearsals. However, the administration in return may ask you to play at any event for seventh graders or the state Commission. Therefore, it is better to learn a couple of common songs.


In the beginning it is better to beat songs by other artists. So the group can play with each other and discover their strengths and weaknesses. Learn at least 5 of these songs before moving on to writing your own. Even if you play more than one year, do not neglect this advice. One-upping other people's songs will allow any musician to gain skills.

In addition to rehearsals with the whole band, rehearse at home. Constantly raise your level and ask the other participants to do the same. Otherwise, you are unlikely soon to see a crowd of fans. Learn the theoretical basis of music creation. Well, if you have a music education otherwise buy books on music and regularly practice it.

Vocalist need to do ear training and continuously develop your voice. Guitarists can download the program GuitarPro and use it to practice different tunes. Best pick up songs by ear, it will bring more fun and experience. Drummers will have more difficult. To learn this skill alone is difficult, therefore, it is better for a couple of months to engage with the teacher, and then move to independent testing of "bits".

The organization

The group always need a leader. It needs constantly to gather people to rehearsals, to control the learning process, to identify and point out errors. The first time after the group is created you will certainly be fun. But then the problems begin: someone just stop coming to rehearsals, and someone will significantly raise your level and want to go to another group. Therefore, the group constantly need to control. Sometimes you need stiffness, sometimes emotional conversation. But someone should do that. If not you, then any other member of the group.