Mark the date of the concert. Tie it to any occasion. At this time people are more inclined to communicate with musicians and other artists. Don't be embarrassed, even if this is your first concert. In the occasion it is easier to start and to gather the audience.
Prepare a festive repertoire. Everything has to be perfect. Rehearse the presentation, consider the appearance, way of the master.
Print out the program. To enter the repertoire, performers, brief information about them, contact information. Write why the concert program is right for this holiday. It will be a kind of card that you can leave any responsible person.
Contact any organization. It all depends on your level and degree of confidence. One student of the music school took practice of public speaking. He entered very simple. On March 8 decided to organize a solo concert for classmates and teacher. Everything went right at school, in class. Was pleased with the audience, and he reported to the school of music. And it was invited to participate in a large school concert.You can refer to any plant, in school, in a large company. It is better to go to the organization whose interests you can imagine in the future. After all, if your speech is like, you may be invited to participate in any competition. And such competitions visiting professionals-producers. So can start a career.
Continue. After all, your task - to get to the paid concerts. Go back 1 step. Sooner or later it will catch the eye of a person who will help your dream come true.