You will need
  • Budget
  • Knowledge of local groups
  • Friends who can help
  • Sociability
  • Designer
  • Computer with Internet access
To organize a concert, try to do some research of the local music teams and sites. Use the Internet and specialized sites such as myspace and where you can find a lot of interesting groups and freely communicate with them.
Try to think about what genre you would like to do a concert, and what site is suitable for the event of this kind.
Define the groups that will perform at your event. You can do this with myspace. Find a local group working in your genre, make a list of relevant commands and write to each of the selected group with a proposal to make.
When you have agreed to the group and several sites in mind, it's time to determine the date of the event. The best time for any of the concert weekend. You may get yourself a weekend if you present yourself professionally, offering art-Directors of the selected sites to see the completed marketing plan, etc.
To organise a gig, you'll need promotional materials. For example, flyers and posters. The best way to do them is to turn to your friend the designer. He may even undertake to make models for free or for a few admission tickets for the concert. Make sure that the designer provide correct and complete information on date, place and name of the event.
You can give the groups participating in the concert, the tickets for the presale. Offer them a percentage for tickets sold. Thus, you are guaranteed to attract more people to your concert.
Promote your event. Musicians distribute posters and flyers. May they distribute promotional materials among their fans. Also, make sure that you hung the poster in the club, which will host the concert.