You will need
  • -a blank form;
  • data about the tenants.
Specify the date of issuance of certificate (arrow 1): number, month (in words) and year. In the field "Issued to gr." (arrow 2) enter in the genitive unabridged surname, name and patronymic of the person for whom the certificate is issued. In the field (arrow 3) located under the date of issue, specify the reference number under which it is registered in the outgoing correspondence log.
In the field marked by arrows 4 and 5 enter the address, which was this family. E.g.: St. or Ave Liberty house 34 square 8, if the residence is a private house in the "sq" leave the space. In the line "family Composition", enter the number of the registered person, the record must be recorded N (1,2,3...). Below, line by line, indicate all family members (arrow 6) and their years of birth, and note what they have the owner help, for example: Ivanova N. T. 1980 – daughter. If on the form will remain empty string, be sure to draw a line through them all, writing the letter Z.
Providing all the required information about the family, go to fill the bottom of the reference (arrows 7, 8 and 9). In the field "certificate was given for the presentation of" enter: requirements. The next line reflects the data on the head or the Director of the institution, which issued this certificate. Enter the surname and initials of the head (the Director), if applicable plot number. The last line (arrow 9) - "the passport guy", it is necessary to enter a surname and the initials of the passport guy, next to which (or before them) must have his (her) paintings. After filling, go to the boss and confirm the authenticity of the submitted data the imprint of the corporate seal of the organization by providing all the necessary documents (house register, passports of residents and birth certificate).