You will need
  • Passport, membership card
Get a premium ticket. One of the possibilities to use your miles is the design of a free ticket. However, additional fees and taxes will still have to pay. You can use this service only if you over the past 24 months was committed by flying in the direction of participating in the program "Aeroflot Bonus". Besides checkout should be no later than 24 hours prior to departure. Payment can be made by visiting the ticket or on the official website of the company.
Will issue an award ticket for your friend or relative. Accrued miles can be spent not only on themselves but also on the loved ones. To do this, not later than two days to go to the center of sale of tickets "Aeroflot" and to specify the passport data of the person who will carry out the flight, your name and also present the membership card. Under the rules of the promotion, you can't spend points on the issue of award tickets for third parties more often than 10 times per calendar year.
Spend collected points on upgrades. For this to be implemented booking of tickets economy class all the way. Next, visit the ticketing office and present your card to confirm your participation in the program. Thus increase level of service to third parties provided by the rules of the program.
Will issue an award certificate partner program and use the services for free. To do this, your account should be a sufficient number of miles, and over the last 2 years must be made at least one paid flight. Write a statement for the award partner, the form of which can be found on the official website of the airline.
Spend the earned miles to charity. "Aeroflot" provides the possibility of transferring accumulated by the participants points to the accounts of charities and orphanages.