All the bonus miles that you can accumulate with Aeroflot, are divided into qualifying and nonqualifying. The first type includes all the award miles you get when flying on flights of Aeroflot and partner companies. The second type of miles accumulated, if you use various joint programs with Aeroflot partners, such as hotels, banks, mobile operators etc.
The easiest and effective way to quickly accumulate qualifying miles is to fly with Aeroflot and partner airlines. With each flight you receive at least 500 bonus miles, and if it's a long flight, and more. The best flights are in business class, which is charged sometimes twice or even more than a flight in economy class. At the company's website there is a calculator that lets you calculate how many miles you get in each case.
From time to time, Aeroflot carries out various actions, which flights in certain directions is charged a lot more miles than usual. Of course, nobody is going to buy a ticket to distant lands just because this month it is possible to obtain a large number of miles. But if you're going on vacation and haven't decided where to go then why not see what suggestions to you have?
Not so long ago, Aeroflot joined Sky Team Alliance, which includes many of the largest carriers around the world. It is therefore useful to find all the boarding passes for the last year or two, and if some flights were done by planes of the companies of this Alliance, then you can safely enter their information on the website of the bonus program to credit miles to your bonus account. You can also use all flights of the company "Nordavia".
Non-qualifying miles are the opportunity to save on the premium ticket those who are not frequent flyers. To learn how you can save them useful from time to time to visit the Aeroflot site and see the list of partner companies, for purchases in which you earn miles. The list of partners is constantly changing. There are all kinds of hotels, Bank cards, and even cellular operators (partner of the Aeroflot company MegaFon). Sometimes in conjunction with partners are the best for miles promotions.
Some of the ways of set-qualifying miles gives you a good bonus is when you register. So, when you open a Bank card miles are awarded for every purchase, you usually get 500 welcome miles. The company also makes its customers a gift – a certain number of miles on the day of birth provided that person is an active client and has accruals for the last time.