Advice 1: How to write a letter to the administrator of "Classmates"

Write a letter to the administrator of the class by filling in a special form, which is available on the official website of the social network. Other ways to contact administrator of this resource is not provided.
How to write a letter to the administrator of "Classmates"
Appeal to the administrator of "Classmates" without authorization on the website is only for questions about registration or problems accessing the page.

Write a letter to the administrator of "Classmates" can any user of this social network. However, such a possibility remains even in the event of problems with access to the personal page in the social network. To send mail you will need to fill out a simple form, which contains information from member profile of the class, contact information. The link to the form contact available in the section "Help". It is sufficient to choose any question in this section, scroll to the answer until the bottom of the page, then click on the link "Contact support".

How to fill in an application form to the administration of "Classmates"?

It is important to specify your own email address as the administrator will be supported through it.

When filling out the case form to the administrator of this social network, the registered user must provide his / her login, name and surname, age, city of residence, email for communication, subject and objective treatment. While personal data if accessed without authorization should match the information that is specified in the person's profile. If you have problems with registration, the rule on the conformity of the shape of the data information from personal pages is not valid, because the page itself does not yet exist.

Alternative options of assistance in the "Classmates"

If you encounter any problems, users of this social network to contact immediately the administration is not required. Typical situations are described in detail in the "Help" section, which is well structured and allows to find answers to most questions within a few seconds. In such a situation an appeal to the administrator "Classmates" will only increase the time resolution of the problem, because in response to the user will be given a link to the "Help" section. Described form is designed exclusively to communicate with participants of a social network for non-standard problems that can be solved independently. If there are no problems with entering the site, registered user can send his question to the administrator only after approval.

Advice 2: How to write your username

If you are an active Internet user, sooner or later you will face the issue of registration on any network resource, whether it's information service, social network, forum or file exchange. A prerequisite for the account is to write a loginand. In order to pick up the original and at the same time easy login, it is important to follow a few recommendations.
How to write your username
Your username must be unique, to highlight your individuality and significance. At the same time, it needs to be sonorous and well-remembered. Do not create generic logins like "kisa333" or "irina88" users with such usernames are enough.
Choose to login simply by combining his name and surname. For example, at the beginning or at the end of names you can write the first letter of the name. Login "kshepeleva" or "volkov-v" will be original and easy to remember.
If you want to add to login digits, use your birth date or your phone number. For example, "stanislav1984" or "irishka-8826". Also suitable for birthdays of relatives and friends, memorable dates and anniversaries, or number with whom you have something connected.
To login look more formal, you can write it with a capital letter, so how do you usually write your name and surname. Although such Loginov has a serious drawback: not all websites recognize the font with upper case, so when entering a username starting with a capital letter, an error may occur. If you can't log on to the website, try to write the username, using only lowercase letters.
To create a login by simply copying the address of your e-mail. In this case, you don't have to remember the extra information, although the username is unlikely to be considered original.
Useful advice
In most cases, to write a login you can use only Latin letters. Cyrillic font may not display correctly.

Advice 3: How to write to the administration of "Classmates"

To write to the administration of "Classmates" by filling in a special form, link to which is located in the "Help" section. Users simply go to the homepage of the website, and then visit the specified section.
How to write to the administration of "Classmates"
To contact "Classmates" can each user of the social network who is experiencing associated with the website question. While support from the administration has provided also to persons who are not yet members of the network (i.e., do not have their own profile), but facing certain problems at the registration stage. Before applying it is recommended to find answers to typical questions that are posted in the "Help" section, because often the problem is solved without the help of specialists.

How to find a form for contacting the administration of "Classmates"?

Form for contacting the administration of "Classmates" is placed in the section "Help" where one can jump directly from the home page. The link "Contact support" located at the bottom of the page to fill the form is not required to go to own page. The registered user must indicate a login, name and surname, age, city of residence, email address, purpose, subject, and body treatment. Thus contact and personal details must match the information that is specified in the profile, since that is the way of identifying a user, asking a question without logging on. It is particularly important to specify accurate information that matches the information on the page, in the case when the case is linked to a lost, forgotten login data.

On what issues received the treatment in the administration of "Classmates"?

When filling out the forms the user is asked to choose a specific treatment goal. Without authorization on the website you can ask question related to login issues to their own profile, registration in the social network. If the problem relates to other topics, then the user has the ability to go to your page, then in the form for contacting the administration will be available for other purposes. Especially important when sending a question to the administration of the social network to validate email addresses, since it receives the answer. Typical questions to address in administration is not recommended because the user will still be directed to the help section, where you can obtain instructions regarding further actions, to quickly find all the answers.
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