To contact "Classmates" can each user of the social network who is experiencing associated with the website question. While support from the administration has provided also to persons who are not yet members of the network (i.e., do not have their own profile), but facing certain problems at the registration stage. Before applying it is recommended to find answers to typical questions that are posted in the "Help" section, because often the problem is solved without the help of specialists.

How to find a form for contacting the administration of "Classmates"?

Form for contacting the administration of "Classmates" is placed in the section "Help" where one can jump directly from the home page. The link "Contact support" located at the bottom of the page to fill the form is not required to go to own page. The registered user must indicate a login, name and surname, age, city of residence, email address, purpose, subject, and body treatment. Thus contact and personal details must match the information that is specified in the profile, since that is the way of identifying a user, asking a question without logging on. It is particularly important to specify accurate information that matches the information on the page, in the case when the case is linked to a lost, forgotten login data.

On what issues received the treatment in the administration of "Classmates"?

When filling out the forms the user is asked to choose a specific treatment goal. Without authorization on the website you can ask question related to login issues to their own profile, registration in the social network. If the problem relates to other topics, then the user has the ability to go to your page, then in the form for contacting the administration will be available for other purposes. Especially important when sending a question to the administration of the social network to validate email addresses, since it receives the answer. Typical questions to address in administration is not recommended because the user will still be directed to the help section, where you can obtain instructions regarding further actions, to quickly find all the answers.