Make sure that your cell phone can be used as a modem. To do this, please check the specifications on your model in the manual or on the manufacturer's website in the relevant section.
Call technical support of your mobile operator and ask the employee to activate the adoption of Fax with mobile phone if this service is still not connected.
Install on the phone a special software that allows you to work with Fax messages. So, for example, it may be the program WinFax, or any other. Remember to download the software in the mobile device only from the official websites of developers.
Check the downloaded program is a special version of antivirus designed for mobile phone. Install the program by consistently completing all of the requirements that will appear on the screen.
Run the program and generate the appropriate setup for your phone by entering alternately the necessary contact information and other parameters that will be requested by the device.
Try to receive Fax message on a mobile device. To do this, ask someone of your friends, employees, colleagues to send a message by Fax, but do read it in your mobile. Remember, the message can be read only with the help of the installed program and only at the moment when she is running on the phone.