Free ways to compress a pdf file

To work with pdf files developer Adobe Systems offers to use Adobe Acrobat Pro. The main drawback of this application is its high price. The vast majority of cases, ample opportunity to free counterparts.
When creating pdf file use the standard reduction. To do this, open "Properties" — "General" — "Other" and tick the option "Compress". The action is simple, but effective.

PDF Compressor
The application has a friendly user interface. Features high speed. Can significantly reduce the document size without loss of quality pages. The program can batch process files and also to create a queue for compression. After processing the pages of a PDF Compressor displays the elapsed time and the degree of compression. Works on any version of Windows.

Sometimes to reduce the size of document you want to delete pages that do not contain important information. It's easy to do with the free app PDFtk. Just open the file utility and double-click on the right column, indicate the page numbers that should be included in the final document. Then you need to press the button Create PDF. A new file is created containing only the specified pages. If the document you want to forward email the same way you can divide it into several parts. The application has a graphical interface and a command-line string for advanced users.
Vector graphic takes more space in the file than a bitmap. You must rasterize the vector image and paste it into the PDF, reducing the resolution and setting the compression quality to an acceptable level. The file size is reduced.

Program installs a virtual PDF printer. To reduce the size of the pdf file using PrimoPDF, you must:
1. to open a document in any intended application.
2. in the menu "File" select "Print" and assign vehicle print PrimoPDF;
3. go into the settings and adjust as necessary;
4. save the file on your computer.
The app contains no advertisements and requires no registration.

How to reduce size of the pdf document with the help of online services

There are many online services which can significantly reduce the size of pdf. The most famous is the fast and convenient service for foreign developers smallpdf . Working with him is simple enough. Only need to drag the file into the dialog box and wait for the compression to load the optimized document to your computer.

From the Russian-speaking services note pdf docs. When using it, is to select the degree of compression of the optimized document, noting one of the three options: best quality, medium quality and better compression. In addition, with this service you can convert pdf files and other format.

Reducing file size of pdf with the help of paid programs

Microsoft Office built-in PDF export. You can select the optimization option: standard or minimum size. To reduce file size, you should choose the last option.
If your computer has Adobe Acrobat Pro, then there are two ways to reduce size of the pdf:
1. the easiest way is to open it, then menu "File" select "Save as" "PDF reduced size".
2. when you save the document, select "Optimized PDF" and set the compression parameters, configuring the optimization methods, images, fonts, transparency. Then, using the panel "Discard objects", to determine which ones will be removed.
Similar opportunities also exist in the paid versions of programs like NitroPDF or Foxit PDF Editor.