In the car VAZ 2114, the speed sensor sends data to the controller, which is responsible for the flow of fuel at low speed. If one of these devices is not working properly, the fuel consumption increases.

The speed sensor in the car VAZ 2114 is at the top of the transmission.

The basic malfunctions of a speed sensor, VAZ 2114

Among the main faults are:

- speedometer stopped working;

- the power of the engine has decreased;

- the fuel is spent more than usual;

- idle lead to a lack of efficiency of the motor;

- bummer drive sensor;

- failure of plastic stock, if we are talking about a factory model.

Codes that indicate failure: Р0500 (no speed sensor signal), Р0503 (intermittent signal).

Price and the choice of speed sensor

Factory option the speed sensor includes a plastic stem, which can quickly break down. You can find the same, but the metal model, which has a high level of reliability.

Quality sensors presented in this digitization "+", "-", "A", as indicated in block contacts. The device, which shows just "1", "2" and "3" are best to be bypassed by.

On stock products must be cushioning the puck, otherwise the sensor will quickly deteriorate. Rod should not rotate, it is permissible, but in moderation. Similarly, tasks with Lufti. The average value of the sensors VAZ 2114 varies from 500 to 1000.

Replacement speed sensor, VAZ 2114

To replace the speed sensor, it is necessary to carry out such a complex action:

- open the hood;

- the canister is detachable (it allows you to replace the most comfortable and fast);

- find the wire that leads to the transmission;

- make our way further and come across a speed sensor, it is under Rosselini node;

- disconnect pad with wires;

- to disconnect the sensor, the spring clips you have to press at the same time;

- while the springs are clamped, Unscrew the sensor;

take the new sensor, with its rod trying to get to the center of drive;

- when contact is made, tighten the sensor and release springs;

- connect the pad wires.

The change of the drive speed sensor (VSS)

Drive to the speed sensor can simply be broken. In some cases, worn down teeth, because it constantly revolves. The speed sensor attaches it to the drive, so to disconnect, you first need to remove the sensor itself and to carry out replacement of the drive. On VAZ 2114 this is done by pressing on the side clips. Similarly, the connection of a new drive.

Replacing it you will get a working device sensor, which ensures complete safety of the vehicle. At the first exit after the replacement it is recommended that the speed dial gradually.