The eye is a fragile, but nonetheless, a very important human organ. We need to protect them from bright light and strong UV exposure. Particularly anxious to treat these rules to those who already have impaired vision and who wear contact lenses.

Lenses in the tanning bed harmful to eyes

Before a tanning session it is best to remove contact lenses, even if they are UV-filter and moisturize the eyes. The fact that lights, heating elements and the fan raises the flows of warm air. Your body may not feel it, but the eyes in indoor tanning have to experience them yourself to fully. Lenses dry, which causes irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes, and the lack of flow of fresh and cool air only exacerbates the situation. The eyes may turn red, begin to tear. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation on the eye can even cause burns of the retina.

In addition, even protective lenses with UV filters do not guarantee the complete absence of ultraviolet radiation to your eyes in the tanning bed it is much stronger than the usual daily dose in the sun. In addition, the lens only protects the pupil, the area of the protein remains amazed. And even when you close in the booth eyes, a large part of the harmful rays will still penetrate under the eyes, while a flow of warm air will dry a contact lens, making the impact even more devastating.

How best to protect the eyes

Before visiting the Solarium you need to follow two basic rules to maintain health eyes: remove lenses and have to use special glasses protecting against ultraviolet radiation. These glasses can be purchased on their own or to take in the Solarium. However, not every visitor they like, so they leave traces around the eyes. But you can remove these traces with bronzer or Foundation, and during a session to change a little the position of the points. You can use special stikine for eye - protective disposable plates that perfectly prevents the penetration of ultraviolet rays. Along with the glasses they block the order of 99.9% of harmful radiation. If you go to the Solarium in the lenses, it is best to drip before and after the session drops to hydrate the mucous membrane to prevent drying of retina and protect eyes from the emergence of unpleasant sensations and diseases in the future.