You will need
  • - plant material
  • - Wallpaper glue
  • the gypsum
  • - the basis for collage
  • - acrylic paint
  • - putty fine-grained structural
Work on floral collage technique Terra of flowers should start with the selection of plant material and colors. Can be used not only in floral material, but also branches, stems, leaves, buds and bark of trees. Picking up the required for the composition of the materials they need to prepare carefully. This is especially true of fragile petals and leaves. There are two ways of preparing plant material for collage.
Flowers and leaves can be processed Wallpaper paste. This adhesive should be diluted with water in a small container according to a recipe specified on the packaging and a brush to apply glue to the plants. The material is then spread on film and dried.
The second method consists in treating flowers with plaster of Paris. Bred dry plaster with water to obtain a liquid cream. Dip plant material in the composition and lay out to dry. After the flowers are dry, paint them using acrylic paint or floral spray.
Then, the resulting flowers can be glued to the base of the floristic gun. The basis for the collage technique Terra is different. Primed cardboard, canvas on a stretcher, a dense cardboard, fiberboard serve as the basis for the work. After we apply a trowel fine-grained filler on base, you can begin to consolidate the material. Floral collage technique Terra of colors allows the master to create paintings, peculiar only to him.