You will need
  • - leaves, flowers, twigs, grass
  • - white cardboard
  • glue
  • frame or Mat
The main task - the collection of leaves, flowers, twigs and grasses. This material is collected in spring, summer and autumn. It can be done everywhere - in yards, in front of, need not be limited to field and forest.
Collected plants must be dry. The best option for this - old magazines or reference books, but they paper should not be glossy, but only with porous and soft. The book should be well dried. The collected material is placed between the sheets, while sheets between tabs should be left at least six. The closed magazine or book put something heavy like a brick or iron.
When natural material is ready, you can begin to make a picture. For the sample selected, any card, picture or photograph of flowers or a landscape. You can create a sketch of the future picture independently. In any case, the sketch should be.
On the cardboard are all part of the composition as shown in the photo or postcard. Work should start with the background. First, overlap the large leaves, and then flowers and grass. The composition is made in full, and after every detail is very carefully separated from the pictures, smeared with glue and glued.
On cardboard the finished composite is glued to the Mat.