You will need
  • — foam or oasis;
  • — basket, tray, planter, or any other form of composition;
  • — artificial flowers;
  • — wire;
  • tape;
  • — scissors or knife.
To make the composition of artificial colors, first select and prepare the plants. Flowers you can buy in the store or make your own. Remove excess plant leaves and sprigs, divide the bouquet of several flowers to pieces.
Make a base for the composition, it's best to use a special oasis for flowers or foam. Cut out the required form and place in basket, pot, vase into any shape that will blend in with the surroundings and flowers. You can hang pots on the wall, in this case, prepare a frame or weave of vines edging for the composition. If your music will stand on the table and the bottom of the basket is narrow, consider how to make it more sustainable. For example, can be mounted on the bottom metal plate or other heavy object.
Start with the tallest flowers, stick them in foam or oasis to the right place. Then go to colors, medium length, ensure that each flower was clearly visible and was combined with other. Last short plants decorate the front part and the surface of the oasis, and nowhere to be seen the base of the composition. If you still close the foam completely fails, fill it with pebbles, shells or sand (you can even glue) or put a decorative hay.
To make a high bouquet for the vase, tie the chosen colors among themselves. Take the stem along the end of the ribbon between your thumb and forefinger and the other hand to hold the remaining end of the tape. Rotating the stem, obertyvanie his band, gradually adding the flower heads. Then secure the tape.
All the flowers in the arrangement must be clearly visible, so obey levels. If necessary, increase or decrease the length of the stem. To increase the length, cut a piece of wire desired length, attach to the stem of the flower and wrap with tape (if in the future stem will be hidden). If it will be on view locate or fabricate the same stem (can be cut from another, unnecessary or hidden flower) and secure it to the head.