You will need
  • - artificial flowers
  • - fabric
  • - watercolor paper
  • - different colors
  • glue
  • glass
  • - brush
The most important thing in creating murals, faux flowers - background future compositions. It can be made solid using as a basis cardboard, paper, cloth. And you can work and create an artistic background. It is more interesting and more original in comparison with a simple background. And panels with artificial flowers on it similar to the artistic picture.
Create artistic background by different ways. Batik is one of the effective methods. The cloth is stretched on a frame, moistened from a spray. Paint applied with a brush on fabric in an arbitrary order. Spreading, they create unusual intricate patterns. Additional decorative effect can be achieved by the use of salt. Scattering a small amount of salt, you get new patterns on the fabric.
A patterned effect can be obtained if to use watercolor paper and watercolor paint. Moisten the paper, apply with a paint brush. Turning the paper at different angles, you will achieve it spreading in any form. What is also very interesting for the background panels of artificial flowers.
Decalcomania technique allows you to create the background print through the glass. Gouache paint of different colors applied to glass. A sheet of paper is moistened and applied to the glass. Press it firmly and sharply with a clear glass. Background for panels of artificial flowers ready.
Before doing the background for panels of artificial colors , determine the color scheme of the new composition. Choose colors for panels of various sizes: large, small, greenery, decorative elements. Stick on the panels first the greens, then large flowers, and small decor.