Decide on the appliances. Different appliances consume different amounts of energy, so the batteries, which for many years provided the life of your console may not come with the camera. Depending on power, you will need different types of this power source.
Select the type of electrolyte. Devices with weak power suitable zinc-carbon and zinc-manganese battery with an average power – alkaline, high capacity – lithium and silver.
Depending on the purpose, select normal or rechargeable batteries. First, as a rule, have lower cost and higher capacity. Second have the ability to recharge, but they also gradually reduce the lifespan.
Alkaline, lithium and silver batteries are very expensive, but they are able to work long hours and have time to recoup itself several times. Pay attention to the packaging. Manufacturers of quality products always specify the type of the electrolyte on the front side, and a large Russian letters.