For simple devices (remote control, timer, tester, etc.) suitable salt of the batteries. They have a relatively small value, however, suitable for powering low power devices. These power sources are marked with a letter R. the Second digit of the ID indicates the size of the product.
If you choose the elements for devices with great energy consumption (cameras, iPods, etc.), note on alkaline batterieswith greater capacity and long service life. Such products are marked with the abbreviation LR.
Before purchasing batteries of any brand pay attention to the quality of printing packaging products and labels. On the fake sources may be incorrectly written the name or poorly applied paint.
When buying view the expiration date of the item. Do not purchase products whose life is about to end. Otherwise the battery may leak and ruin the device in which it is used. The longest work elements used in the first year after their manufacture.
Batteries marked "photo" have a high capacity and is designed for use in cameras. These products are much more expensive, however they have a longer service life. Photosof batteries can more quickly give energy, which positively affects the speed of the device.