What she's offended?

The most reasonable solution in a situation when a woman is offended is to go and ask why. It does not pretend to only ask out of politeness or indulge women's irrational whims. Be careful and considerate. It's possible that you really made a mistake: forgot about the anniversary of your first date, the third day I can not beat the fallen shelf, although promised, or ignored call your spouse, who wanted to complain that the boss is unfairly scolded her. Find out what the cause of resentment, and immediately correct – fasten the ill-fated regiment, take the lady in the cafe to celebrate the anniversary, kiss her and tell her that she is an excellent specialist.


Much more difficult to understand what to do when a girl won't tell me what it was, and continues to sulk. She may not want to repeat the conflict that occurred on the job, had a fight over nothing with some random stranger on the subway or just not feeling well, what makes her mad at the whole world. If you did not immediately come to mind that you may be to blame, stop breaking my head, and just hug your girl and kiss her on the cheek. If you suspect that the reason lies still in you can just in case to ask for her forgiveness.

Left alone

Sometimes people need time to calm down, stop the offense, allow the feelings in order and finally come to himself. If the conversations and hugs not act on a woman, give her time to be alone with him. Say what you will be able to speak as soon as she felt like it, close the door to the room and let her cry or the heart to beat a pillow alone. During this time, you can brew tea and to run to the store for something tasty that will please the young lady. But don't leave a woman for a long time, otherwise she may think that you dumped her.

What not to do

Women can sometimes get offended at mere trifles. However, if you value the relationship with the fairer sex, not to mock her condition, does not convince that she is pouting over stupid things, don't slam the door and do not offer to meet later, when the girls will be in a good mood. If you do, there's a chance that the lady no longer wants to see you.