If you don't know what is your fault (and this often happens because women tend to attach importance even fleeting views), try words that you have to go (cat, sun, etc.). Most likely, the offended person will soften up and stop sulking, especially if the offense is minor. But she can be stubborn, refusing to name the reasons of resentment, if not to forgive you. In this case, most likely, the girl did not like something small, and now she's punishing you.

If she does not want to say what it is and how to rectify the situation that same – then leave her alone. A young person cannot stand the character until the end. In the end, she will tell all.

In cases where you know what to blame, for example, was late for a date, embarrassing joke, because of her neglect, or has not fulfilled the promises –then you need to rectify the situation urgently, of course, if the girl you road.

Depending on the severity of your "crimes" you have to beg for forgiveness. The flowers, incidentally, will never be superfluous. Give her a big and beautiful bouquet – when you atone for the guilt, that sophistication can be forgotten. Let the bouquet is lush.

You also need to come up with something original and cute. Girls love nice gesture. Give her some original romantic gift that she will love, or of which she had long dreamed of. Maybe it will be a piece of jewelry or a plush toy.

And be sure to tell her lots of nice words, because girls love ears as you remember. Then, when you'll be forgiven, try to talk to my friend to understand better, what it can hurt, and also to convince that you care.

If your offense is serious, like cheating, gifts and flowers will not get off. In this case, the girl not only hurt – she humiliated and even angry. In this case, you will have to work hard to win back the trust of your sweetheart, and it's not one of the day.