Advice 1: Why some women's face cream to add men's sperm

On that only women are not going to be always beautiful and attractive. The course is everything: seaweed, clay, honey, and even men's sperm. In the past contains a lot of biological substances that affect the skin condition.
Male sperm contains a lot of useful components

The benefits of sperm

There is no mass production of creams, which contains the sperm from the male. Factory of cream of such a valuable and expensive component to do not very profitable. You can only speak of own production. Sperm from the male contains the sperm, nutrients and thinning enzymes. Lipids and amino acids - this is the nutrients able to be absorbed into the skin. Part of the sperm proteins tighten pores, nourish the skin, and thereby rejuvenate it.
Thinning enzymes make sperm more viscous, allow proteins to penetrate deep into the skin and remove dead tissue.

The cream of the sperm of its own production

Many women boast that their skin has become incredibly soft, smooth and toned after using homemade cream of sperm. As a donor are the husbands or Boyfriends who are willing to share their biological material for health and beauty of their women. After intercourse you need to collect sperm in a jar and store in the fridge. It is possible to make masks. For this it is necessary to put the sperm in a thin layer on your face, wait 15 minutes and rinse. Before you start using this cream, you should check the sensitivity of your skin. If not has irritation, no itching, red spots, so you can safely smear the face cream. Can sperm mix with baby cream for face to recapture its odor, and that it acquired the proper consistency.
In Sevastopol, one small cosmetic company has decided to launch a trial series of creams containing sperm. As donors were perfectly healthy men over 18 years old.

Sperm animals

French cosmetic companies have long resorted to adding in sperm production. Really used the sperm of animals: whales, bulls. Women's cream based on it have a good regenerating, exfoliating, whitening properties. It contains a lot of hormones, enzymes, proteins, active substances. The cost of such cosmetics are much higher than normal. Before adding products in sperm of animals, it undergoes a thorough inspection and treatment to eliminate the fact of infection by any disease.

Considered safe cream that contains not more than 5% of sperm. And you can use a similar product is not recommended longer than a year. You need to take a break. Even pregnant and nursing ladies not contraindicated this product. But there is age limit. You cannot use cream with sperm ladies under 35, so as not to Deplete the top layer of skin. This will lead to premature aging.

Advice 2: What face cream to use in summer

In summer skin needs special care, which will help to protect her. All experts recommend to fly to change in the first place cream for the face. Because the facial skin is most exposed to the negative effects of the sun.
face cream

The choice of cream for the summer

Since the sun is very drying delicate skin on the face, it is necessary to humidify during the whole day. The composition of moisturising creams includes a large amount of water that can accumulate in the upper layer of the epidermis. This creates a protective barrier that prevents dryness of the skin.

Special harm to the skin brings ultraviolet radiation, which accelerates the aging process, promotes the formation of pigmentation. to avoid such negative consequences, you should choose a cream that contains UV filters. This wonderful feature will significantly reduce the influence of sunlight. Experts recommend starting to use the cream with UV filter since the spring, when the first intense rays of the sun.

Some women believe that UV filters in the cream prevents the appearance of the beautiful tan. However, this is just a myth. Even when using this cream, the skin will light up, only the negative influence of the sun is reduced to a minimum.

Before purchasing day cream for the summer should be carefully studied composition. If the present composition fruit acids, such cosmetics should be avoided. Because fruit acids under the influence of the summer sun's rays can contribute to irritation and allergic reactions.

But in the night cream must contain vitamins C and E as well as antioxidants. These components will help the skin recover from daily stress, to make it fresh and young.

The choice of cream for the skin

Since the skin around the eyes is very thin, it is often the first to suffer from moisture loss. But during the heat, most often develop edema in the lower eyelids, because all the moisture accumulates there. So you should pay attention to the creams with a cooling effect. They perfectly refresh kazhu, removes excess moisture, relieves swelling.

Don't forget about the UV filter cream. because the sun does not spare this thin skin.

Summer cream best to choose from the same series, which the woman enjoys in the winter. Then exclude allergic reactions, and skin will not need time to adapt.

And most importantly, no cream will fully protect the skin, if before applying it is wrong to clear and ignore the tonic. Better if the whole complex for the skin care of the face and eyelids will be one manufacturer. This provides the skin complete hydration, will not let her grow old in the sun.
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