Lately quite widespread homemade masks first and foremost this is due to the efficiency and naturalness of these procedures. They may use a variety of ingredients: hay, milk, potatoes, and even a male seed.

The remarkable properties of male seed

Despite the fact that few people like to discuss semen, and even more so to talk about it as a cosmetic product, of a seed and its miraculous properties written many books. Moreover, a well-known fact is that many expensive French creams includes this "male" component.
Useful properties of the seed only from the "donor", which before I share my cum, not to drink or smoke, never used drugs and didn't eat heavy food. It is best if he will eat fruit and sweets.

According to official data, in the seed of men contains a lot of active substances, enzymes and proteins. It also contains 0.5% fruit acids – citric, this indicator can boast some of the best cosmetic products. Due to its chemical composition the sperm has the following effects:

• whitening;
• exfoliation;
• nutrition of the skin;
• smoothing of wrinkles;
• narrowing of the pores.
Many beauty salons offer anti-aging treatments with the use of the seed of man, but, most likely, they use the sperm of a bull or even its synthetic analogue.

The use of sperm for cosmetic purposes

From the above it becomes clear that seed – unique ingredient of youth and beauty, however, its use is necessary to be careful. The danger is that all the wonderful substances in the semen contains in a concentrated form, and the skin may react to them extraordinary: there can be a redness or rash.

There are also age restrictions for use of the sperm of a man this is not connected with moral norms. This type of alternative cosmetic for women after 30, it's all about the huge amount of protein, it can prevent and smooth out wrinkles and moisturize the skin. For younger persons, the effect can be surprising: may cause allergies and acne.


Due to the high concentration of certain substances prior to application of seed is necessary to dilute it with other ingredients. Mask from the seed of a man to do regularly, once or twice a week, assuming no negative skin reactions.

The mask of 1H. l seed and 2 hours. liter of aloe Vera juice perfect for oily skin. Owners of dry dermis as a diluent it is better to choose kefir. Also as the basis will approach the eggs, cream, honey and vegetable oil. Masks hold 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.