Jelqing: from time immemorial

The word "jelqing" is a calque from the English word jelqing, which is used to describe special techniques for penis enlargement. Source jelqing is a set of exercises Jelq which developed hundreds of years ago by peoples of the Middle East.

Men at all times believed that penis size is extremely important, so many people devoted serious attention to this issue. Techniques similar to jelqing can be found among tribes in Africa, various peoples of India and other Eastern countries.
The jelqing technique is time-tested. The results and the efficiency are really impressive.

Sense technology the next. The size of the male penis is defined by the interior of the cavernous body. The blood rushes to the cavernous body and fills the cavity during erection, therefore, to increase the volume of the member, need to work on the volume of cavities, which can enter the blood. This is what doing exercises from the art of jelqing.

Technique of jelqing

In the system there are many types of exercises, and they differ from each other, sometimes quite significantly. All exercises are divided into levels from beginners to advanced. It is recommended to start with the basics so you don't accidentally hurt yourself. In order to learn the technique correctly, it is best to find a video where each lesson is outlined in great detail. The main exercise is massage member, which resembles the process of milking the udder of the cow, but with different variations.

To improve the outcome and reduce the discomfort while performing jelqing, be sure to use lubricant. This not only accelerates the achievement of the desired effect, but would not allow to painful abrasions.
When you exercise jelqing the penis is uniformly increased in length and width is visible not only in erect but in a relaxed state.

Before jelqing you need to bring the penis to a partially erect state, about two or three quarters from a state of full arousal. Execution when a full erection can damage the blood vessels, and lack of erection does not guarantee results.

As a rule, the effect becomes noticeable after 2-5 months of regular training. Fans of jelqing talk about the incredible cases of increasing penis size from 12 to 25 cm per year. Assuming this is true, then this result rather applies to extraordinary. However, additional 5-7 cm is available to everyone.

If, after a continuous run of jelqing you have worse erection, that is, most likely, testifies to the redundancy of training. Better to rest for a few days and then take less intense.