To distinguish the perfume products, you need to check the label on the package. The top categories of perfumes, containing 20-30% fragrance and 90% alcohol, are spirits. On the packaging of spirits must be marked or Parfum Extrait. Next on the contents of aromatic substances is an eau de Parfum containing 15-20% concentrate to 90% alcohol. Eau de Parfum is labeled Eau De Parfum or Parfum De Toilette. Toilet water is labeled Eau De Toilette and contains 6-12% fragrance dissolved in 85% alcohol. The minimum contents of aromatic substances in the Cologne (Eau De Cologne) – 3-5% in 70-80% alcohol and refreshing or sports in the water – 1-3% of fragrance in 70-80% alcohol. This water is labeled Eau Fraiche or Eau De Sport.
It is very important to know how to distinguish the real toilet water from a fake. Unfortunately, to do it yourself is very difficult. Smell fake and real toilet water immediately after application may differ little. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the packaging. For example, if you previously purchased this perfume in a reliable store, and the box was shrink-wrapped – so, no it is the first sign of forgery. The film should be transparent, should not be behind the box itself, the weld must be done carefully.
It is also possible to distinguish a fake with low quality printing. The real product the quality of printing is very high. Note also on the quality of the plastic of the bottle. It needs to have a solid structure. Signs of fake products can be burrs or oblivi. Of course, the official manufacturer, too, is not immune from mistakes, but overall the appearance of the original products more neat and aesthetic.