The main differences perfumed water from toilet

In eau de Parfum and toilet waters contained alcohol, water based perfume. One of the main differences between these two products is the percentage of fragrance. This figure is usually listed on the package near the label.

Marking Eau De Parfum or Parfum De Toilette, suggests that before you eau de Parfum, the content of aromatic composition in which should not be less than 20%. The alcohol contained in such perfumes the product must have a concentration of 90% and belong to the class of "extra."

As for the toilet water, the content of the perfume composition does not exceed 12%. The alcohol contained in the composition of this product also belongs to the class "extra", but has a lower concentration of 85%. On the packaging of toilet water is marking - Eau De Toilette.

The difference between the two products lies in the price. As the concentration of fragrance in the toilet water is significantly lower, respectively, and it is much cheaper eau de Parfum.

The main components of the perfume product

All the perfume compositions are prepared according to the principle of the pyramid. At the base of the perfume's aromas base notes that give it durability. Heart notes are presented in fragrances that represent the main theme of the fragrance. The top of the pyramid are the most subtle and light scents, they evaporate the fastest.

The aroma of eau de Parfum more deep and rich. It pronounced heart notes, while the water in the toilet sound more noticeable top notes of the composition. That is why the same fragrance presented toilet or perfumed water, may be perceived quite differently.

What to prefer: the toilet or perfumed water?

If you are interested in a long-lasting fragrance that persist for 5-7 hours, it is better to stop your choice on the perfumed water. For their lasting fragrance perfumed water is often referred to as a "day perfume".

If you prefer delicate and discreet fragrances, buy perfume, just keep in mind that its fragrance is maintained for three hours.

Toilet water can be applied to the skin several times during the day, while the eau de Parfum is enough to apply once a day. Of course, all the above applies only to quality products the perfume industry, because if you buy low quality perfume in the spontaneous markets and in transitions, it is unlikely that it will differ very persistent.