In medicine glycine – this is a mild sedative with the ability to not only soothe, but also to boost mental performance, to build a dream. "Glycine" improve such mental functions as memory, attention and thinking.

As in the biochemistry of glycine is an essential amino acid, is included in all nerve fibers and a component of the brain, it is a contraindication to its use is hypersensitivity. "Glycine" can be used during pregnancy, breastfeeding and driving.

Amino acids are vital substances that comprise proteins.


"Afobazol", unlike "Glycine", chemical drug. It increases the bioenergy potential of nerve cells and protects them from damage. This drug is better "Glycine" to cope with stressful conditions, eliminates somatic manifestations of anxiety (sweating, tics, dizziness, cardiac and respiratory manifestations of fears and anxieties). In fact, "Afobazol" is not a sedative, a tranquilizer, an antidepressant.

In contrast to the "Glycine" "Afobazol" virtually no effect on memory, attention and thinking, but normalizes sleep (this also does not cause drowsiness in the daytime). Therefore, it can also be taken while driving vehicles.

What to choose

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, of course, it is better to choose "Glycine", as it in contrast to the "Afobazol" is an amino acid – a natural component of the brain, not a chemical drug.

In other cases, it is necessary to focus on their condition. In situations requiring increased concentration of attention and memory, improve thinking, but less traumatic psyche better "Glycine". His technique is useful teenagers taking the exams; people preparing for a big job interview, important activities; pupils and students lagging behind in some subjects.

If there is no need to Refine these mental functions, but there are chronic or acute traumatic to the psyche of the situation – it is advisable to choose "Afobazol". Such situations can be a constant feeling of anxiety, tearfulness, irritability, insomnia, fears, loss of loved ones.

Person is an antidepressant, effective sedative, normalizes sleep, improves mood and improves social adaptability.

In addition to "Glycine" and "Afobazole" lovely soothing can become a "Person" and "Grandaxinum".
Grandaxinum is a tranquilizer, possessing a mild stimulating activity and improves psychomotor and intellectual functions.
They can also be used while driving.