You will need
  • Analysis of the scrapings or the cultures of the nail plate; the PCR test for the presence of fungal infection; clinical and biochemical blood tests.
Note that lesions of the nails occur not only during fungal infection. So, even with all of the classic signs, no dermatologist will not undertake treatment without laboratory examination of the patient. In the first place is assigned a scraping from the affected area of the nail. This completely painless procedure is done using special tools. The collected material is dissolved in alkali and examined under a microscope. The result of the analysis gives the exact answer, what was the reason for the defeat of the nail, fungal infection or any other disease.
In some cases, it is advisable to make the cultures of the material obtained that allows to determine the type of fungus and its sensitivity to antifungal drugs. The most effective research method is the PCR-diagnostics is a special test for the presence of nail fungus, which accurately detects the presence of the pathogen and the drug that is optimal in each case. Moreover, with the help of this analysis it is possible to diagnose in the early stages of the disease soon after infection.
If it's already established tactic of the treatment will depend on the shape of onychomycosis. At present to combat the infection uses the latest drugs, which are not only active on fungus, but also permanently retained in the nail plates. This allows to shorten the course of treatment to 2-4 months. With the defeat of the only part of the nail, the doctor will prescribe creams and ointments that are used topically. If the affected several nails or the matrix (nail root) – can not do without systemic therapy. In severe cases, a combination of local and preformed antifungal agents. In parallel with the main treatment to the patient can be given medication to strengthen the immune system, vitamins and treatments. After completing the course of treatment is necessary to hand over the control analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of therapy.