Who should grace more holiday

Under labour law, paid leave of 28 calendar days, employers are required to provide all categories of employees, relations with which have signed the labor contracts. At the same time article 116 of the labour code lists the categories of workers who rely additional paid leave. To latinoamer categories, the law leaves workers:
- workers in hazardous industries;
- performing the work of a special nature;
workers in the regime of irregular working hours;
workers in the far North and equated.

In addition to these categories, the preferential additional leave may be stipulated in other Federal laws and even local regulations and collective agreements at individual enterprises.

Benefits in providing next holiday

But there are categories of workers that belong to latinoamer when it comes to providing the annual paid leave. According to article 122 of the labour code the right to this leave for the first waste at the facility year have all employees whose continuous service, it amounted to 6 months. Preferential categories of employees may apply for such leave before the expiry of the six months continuous work for a given employer. These include:
- pregnant women who want to get a soft vacation time before the leave for pregnancy and childbirth;
women wishing to receive a preferential vacation after vacation and maternity leave;
workers under the age of 18 years;
- employees who are parents of the adopted child who are under the age of 3 months.

In some other cases envisaged by the Federal legislation, the employee may also receive the right to shorten the six-month period to obtain a first vacation at this enterprise.

When you can use concessionary holidays

In that case, if you belong to the category of workers who put extra preferential vacation, it does not mean that to you it may at any time at your request, of course, if you are working pensioner, with the title of "Veteran of labour" or government awards. Another or additional preferential vacation you will be provided in accordance with the established leave schedule, regular and additional, approved by the employer and agreed with the representative body of employees of your company.