You will need
  • Socket 13 mm,
  • head of 17 mm,
  • the Chuck key.
As a rule, after the prescribed time, the water pump breaks down, declaring itself uncontrolled leak of coolant. In the end, before the owner of the car, the question arises on the replacement pump. In order to change the faulty coolant pump engine VAZ 2106, you must first drain the antifreeze.
With the help of a ring spanner 13 mm loosen the three bolts attaching the drive water pump pulley
How to change the pump in a vase
Then head 17 mm, loosen the nut fixing the generator when the tension on the timing belt. Move the alternator and remove the drive belt, and finally remove the water pump pulley.
How to change the pump in a vase
Key 13 mm remove the pump from the metal bar is designed to secure the generator during tensioning of the drive, V-belt, and remove the four nuts fixing the water pump to the housing of the pump. Putting some physical stress, remove the old water pump and install the new one.
Reassemble in the reverse sequence.
How to change the pump in a vase