Measure the pressure at idle speed at the warmed-up engine. This figure should be at least 0,08 MPa. Then swipe measurements when the vehicle is moving at a speed of 40 km/h, here the value should be about 0.2-0.25 MPa. Follow the pointer of pressure of oil, located on the instrument panel, if it shows that it is not correct, first check what oil you poured into the engine – whether the grade and quality.
Try replacing the sensor that indicates the pressure of the oil, it is often incorrect operation leads to a distortion of the data in the lubricating system of the engine that you see on the instrument panel. After replacing again check. If the pressure at the same low level, plug in the installation location of the indicator gauge control pressure gauge and use it to measure the pressure again.
Look at the pressure gauge. If it shows normal pressure, change the pressure gauge located on the dashboard. Buy a new one and install it.
Do a little pressure in the lubrication system of the engine can be due to clogged relief valve. So it needed cleaning. Gently remove it and rinse thoroughly. Not interfere with its adjustment, which guide after installing it on the engine. To do this, connect a test pressure gauge, and looking at his readings, adjust the valve.
The latest malfunction in which the pressure oil in the engines is negligible, could be a faulty oil pump that needs to be replaced. Also check strainer mosapramine, which may be dirty, then just clean it or buy a new one. Carefully inspect the liners connecting rod and main bearings that are on the crankshaft – excessive wear can also cause low pressure. After the replacement and cleaning of these sites, check readings, make sure that now with the oil all right, and the pressure at the proper level.
How to raise pressure <b>oil</b> <em>engine</em>