You will need
  • Gymnastic platform;
  • - dumbbell;
  • - cold water.
First of all, to maintain the breast in a comfortable position is to choose the right bra. Remember that too small or large - are equally harmful for the chest. The spacious linen chest will SAG, and in close – disrupted circulation. When playing sports wear a special bra that will provide a strong support of the breast at constant vibrations and shocks.
Keep track of your weight. Typed excess weight lead to stretch marks. Dramatic weight loss in turn, will cause a loss of internal fat, resulting in Breasts sagging. Monitor your posture. With straightened shoulders and straightened her back muscles take some of the load, resulting in the breast becomes taut.
In the summer try not to sunbathe "Topless", this creates unnecessary strain the skin of the breast, which is two times thinner than on the face. Under the sunlight it begins to age faster. In the décolletage can develop wrinkles and age spots. Avoid contact of the breast with hot water and soap to not dry the skin. Moisturize with a cream containing vitamin complexes.
The sagging of the breast causes the loss of muscle tissue. To build muscle, is able to keep the chest in the right place there are special exercises. Kneeling, place hands on the edge of the sofa or a special platform, located at a distance of 1 meter from you. Bend your arms at the elbows and chest touch the platform. Then take a starting position. Performing the exercise, do not cave in at the waist and keep your hands shoulder width apart. Repeat as you can, gradually bringing to 15 repetitions. Once mastered, the exercise can perform it, wrung out from a floor.
Exercises for back muscles can be performed using expander. Sit on a chair or stand on the floor and, straightening his shoulders, straighten your back. Hold the bar at shoulder level in front of him. Start to plant hand in hand. Stretch the expander, removing his hands as far back as possible. Hold for 10 seconds at the extreme point and return to starting position. Repeat the exercise 15 times. Ensure that the hands are on the same line.
There is another exercise that can be performed with dumbbells or without them. The feet on width of shoulders, place one hand on your hip and the other describe a large circle, straining his chest muscles. Make three swings forward and then back. Then do the same thing, changing hands. Just 10 repetitions for each hand, and then the same number of times rotate both hands simultaneously.
Water is a good assistant when you restore the breast shape. Cold water enhances the blood flow. However, to achieve good results water treatment is recommended at least three times a day. Rinse the Breasts with a sponge immersed in water whose temperature is 15 °C or orosite breast spray water dust, adding to the vial a few drops of chamomile.