You will need
  • -sea salt;
  • -lemon juice or Apple cider vinegar;
  • -starch;
  • -med;
  • -egg protein.
About the shape of the breast need to worry even in the hospital. Be sure to wear a bra. Make regular massage of the Breasts: stroking from the nipples to the edges, spiral rubbing several fingers again, stroking, draw rays from the nipples and the edges etc. Just keep in mind that you can not press down hard on the chest, go around the nipples.
In the morning take a contrast shower. Every morning you can wipe the chest area, chest and neck with a piece of ice. This helps to improve firmness and elasticity of the skin.
The state of the breast are very useful baths with sea water. In warm water bath add about 400 g of sea salt. Soak in it for 10-12 minutes. But this procedure is not recommended if you have heart problems. In this case, sea salt can be applied with a compress.
Try to contrast compress. To do this, take two basin. One fill with cool water to which add a little lemon juice or Apple cider vinegar. In another bowl with hot water to dissolve the sea salt. Start with hot water. Moisten a towel and apply it from the bottom up to the chest for half a minute. Then repeat the procedure with cold water. Change the towel 10 times, finishing the wrap with cold water.
Use special creams to give breast elasticity. These creams typically contain collagen, elastin, extracts from plants, essential oils, clay, algae, vitamins, etc.
At home you can prepare this tonic for the breast: dissolve in warm milk with potato starch until mushy state. Add 2 tbsp. of honey and one beaten egg white. All of this put a thin layer on the chest a quarter of an hour and lie down.
At home, you can also perform exercises to strengthen the pectoral muscles. Here are some of them:Lie down and arms out to the side. Pick up small dumbbells or water bottles. Slowly raise arms up and lower them smoothly. The exercise is performed three times for 20 times.
Exercise from a chair or from the floor 10 times for three sets.
Holds a rubber ball and squeeze it at the breast for 10-15 times.
Follow hands a vigorous circular motion forward and backward.
If you have the opportunity, go to the gym, where an experienced trainer can show you many other exercises to strengthen the muscles that support the chest. Very good sailing, especially on the back.
If within six months after the implementation of these recommendations form the chest you will not be satisfied, you can contact the cosmetic clinic - there are many techniques with the use of advanced technologies. For example, it is microcurrent therapy, the meaning of which is exposed to the cells of the tissues of the breast of a weak electric impulses. This improves the nutrition of skin cells and actively produce collagen. Also known a method such as mesotherapy. In this case, under the skin of the breast are introduced drugs that stimulate elasticity. But this method is not restricted. Surgical intervention can also improve the shape of Breasts.