Advice 1: How to learn to quickly memorize the lyrics

Sometimes there are situations when before the person there is a need for a short time to remember a large amount of information. There are several ways to facilitate the process of memorization of texts.
How to learn to quickly memorize the lyrics
Read the text that you need to remember aloud. When you read about yourself, the text is remembered so much worse. This is because in this case involved only visual organs. When you speak the text aloud, work and speech, and auditory receptors. It turns out that you simultaneously and read and talk and listen to the information you want to remember.
Imagine what was going on. People with creative skills more developed creative thinking. So, if you imagine what you read, the chance to memorize the text, you will have much more. Besides such perception of the information makes the process of reading more effective: if you will be completely carried away by doing this, you are less likely to be distracted by extraneous thoughts.
Go back to the text, which after reading were not understood. Remember the text will be much harder if you don't fully understand what was going on. Besides, when you reread a particular passage, it is imprinted in your memory. Then you will not be difficult to remember what was discussed.
Learn occur in the process of reading Association. Often, other thoughts interfere with reading, but sometimes they help to memorize the text. Imagine that you read a particular passage. And after this wanton thought about something that has meaning to you, but it is absolutely not related to the text. When the time comes to reproduce material, just remember what you have associated a particular word, sentence, or paragraph.
If the text contains unknown words, see their meaning in a dictionary. To a greater extent this applies to articles that are scientific in nature. To memorize the text, you must know the meaning of all words present in the target material.
Remembered faster if the information makes sense. Before you can remember, try to understand. If you have a lot of information divide it into several days, so you will remember much better. Don't need to spend time on reusable memorization of information immediately, it is better to constantly repeat it.
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To speak clearly about the methods of memorizing the text difficult. Remember that learned information is quickly forgotten especially immediately after saving, then the rate of forgetting is much slower, so it makes sense to repeat the material after a few hours of memorizing, and then...

Advice 2 : How to learn the exam

The exam is a test of the knowledge you have gained over the training period. Most often a few days before he issued the exam fees that you need to learn to pass the test.
How to learn the exam
You will need
  • - Internet;
  • computer;
  • markers;
  • - list of exam questions.
View a list of all the issues. Highlight with a marker or colored pencil ones that you can answer without any preparation. If you attend classes, it is likely that such questions will. If not, don't worry, just keep in mind that the preparation time will take longer.
Highlight in a different color the questions, the answers to which you don't know at all. Of course, the less they have, the better. The highlighted points you will need to pay special attention.
Count how many questions you do not know at all and how much is left unchecked. This is the number of tickets you have to learn. Tickets, to answer you can now just do it again before the exam.
Determine the number of days you will need to prepare. To calculate this as follows: 5-7 tickets per night. The greater number of perception will already be difficult. Remember that the main thing to understand what was going on, and not chasing quantity.
Pick up the materials for study. Select one day. Create a document where you collect the answers to all exam questions, you are going to teach. Save the sequence. Very often the answer to one ticket can follow logically from the answer to the previous one. When searching for material you can use the Internet, literature, textbooks, etc. Much depends on the wishes of the teacher.
Start reading the found material. It is best to keep the sequence of questions. The fact that most in a single ticket contains 2 questions. The first of them from the first half of the list, and second, respectively, of the latter. So even if you don't have time to learn all the issues, then the likelihood that you find a ticket you can't answer generally, is excluded.
When memorizing, try to rely on the images and impressions that arise in the process of reading. This will help to reproduce the information more accurately. Before the exam look over the list of examination questions to ensure that you can answer any of them.
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