Each person has their own characteristics, they concern and the way of memorizing information. It's easy for someone to learn the text by rote repetition, someone needs to hear the text several times, others need a long time to look at it or rewrite it several times by hand. This is because different people have better developed different types of memory. To learn the text well and for a long time, we need to use all types of memory, paying more attention to your dominant type.
First, carefully read the text, make sure that you understand it that you know and understand each individual word. If the textis of unknown words, see their meaning in the dictionary. If it is a text in a foreign language, make sure you can properly pronounce every word in a text correctly and sounded beautiful.
Then read the text aloud, listening to his words. Try to read expressive, loud that information is better remembered. If you remember what you hear, it is advisable to record your voice on a recorder or mobile phone and listen to a few times.
Next, memorize the text in parts. Very valuable would be assistance of loved ones. They will read you the text of the proposal or on the semantic part and you will repeat. If you have no one to ask for help, do it yourself: first, read, then do read without relying on text.
After a small part, move on to longer pieces: the quatrains or paragraphs. Try to look at the text as little as possible. Then try to tell the entire text.
Very useful is the connection of emotions. Emotionally charged information is remembered much easier, and remembered longer. Try to talk the text, giving it a particular emotional coloring. Tell him like you are glad or very sad. Children love to tell the texts and poems, imitating the sounds of animals or objects of the surrounding world. Imagine how this text would tell of the lamb as it would have croaked a frog or squeaked a little.
Making sure that you have learned the text well enough to let the brain rest. Engage in other activities, not forcing the memory to work actively. In an hour repeat the text - the expression to which you will eventually tell him.
To teach the text, you better at least in one day then the hour when you will recite. In the morning before the performance, need to repeat the text. By the way, this morning the memory is most active, while in the afternoon, she is resting. In the first half of the day texts learning much easier and faster. Finally repeat the text better in front of a mirror to look at ourselves, to stop unwanted movement, gestures and postures that may arise from the excitement and tension.